Love Coffee

Love Coffee has been supplying the stellar coffees to the enthusiastic and professionals. They always keep on discovering new flavours and aromas creating the best and diverse coffee blends. You will also be delighted with their exceptional customer experience. They focus on just speciality coffee. They only buy coffee from the trusted sources, sometimes directly from the farmers and maintain their transparency about the process. In fact, they believe every coffee has its own story, own origin to be shared and celebrated. So coffee lovers always can read about their origins, sources, production, blending, roasting, production and the whole supply chain as well. For home, you can also subscribe to their coffee blends. Visit their coffee bar, the flagship coffee cafe where you can enjoy their various new coffee blends.

Visit them: Klostergatan 1L, 222 22 Lund, Sweden

Drop Coffee Roasters

The Drop Coffee Roasters is based in Stockholm, Sweden since 2009 where they are dedicated to sustainably produce tasty coffee. They highly participate in the process of coffee roasting and focuses on vibrancy and sweetness of the unique coffee they sell. Drop Coffee started wholesaling the coffee in 2012 when they promoted towards using a proper roastery featuring 25-kilo roaster. Their origins of focus are Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Bolivia. They have been proud winners of Swedish Roasters Championship, Swedish Brewers Championship and lot more.

Visit them: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm

Solde Kafferotari 

Solde Koafferotari’s The Roastery was started in the winters of 2010. They roast their coffee beans very gently and passionately using a 12-kilo drum roast in Malmos Frihamn. They only use the coffee which is transparently traceable from farmers or washing station to their roastery. Solde only goes for the imports on which they trust so they can manage the condition and the process easily. Comparatively, coffee is a bit expensive but tastier than ever. In their Kaffebaren, you can drink a good cup of coffee along with delicious cakes and sandwiches. The bar offers all kind of coffee beans for purchase.

Visit them: Regementsgatan 2, 211 42 Malmö, Sweden

Alkemisten Kaffebar & Kafe 

Alkemisten Kaffebar & Kafe is keen to collect the finest and the best coffee beans from their favourite growers around the globe. Their aim to create this fantastic coffee at their coffee shop iN Kvillebäcken. Alkemisten always focuses on 100% traceable coffee in transparent organic production. Their ideology in their manufacturing process is to not take any shortcuts or comprises to give you a cup of coffee.

Visit them:  Gustaf Dalénsgatan 14, 417 05 Göteborg, Sweden

Impact Roasters

They are specialized in the premium Ethiopian coffee which are directly imported from South Ethiopia.

Visit them:  Mellemtoftevej 1A, 2500 København, Denmark

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