how to make strong coffee

You may think that anyone can make a strong coffee but that doesn’t necessarily be good. It isn’t just about concentrating the ground coffee. Most of the people think that adding more and more coffee grounds give a strong coffee. You need to preserve and balance the flavour and concentration of taste in the coffee.

The usual American coffee doesn’t stand chance for the espresso-strength brewing process as it just going to be bitter. Making a strong coffee begins a long way before brewing and goes along with the right procedure and amount of roasting and grinding. Well, here you find the secret for making a truly tasteful and flavourful strong coffee.

Strong coffee means strong coffee beans

To get a strong and nice cup of coffee, strong coffee beans are going to be needed. The roast you choose also plays a crucial part, which means opting for rich flavour can enhance the taste and quality. To enjoy the strongest cup of coffee, French roast or dark roast coffee can do the job. You can also include Columbian beans and arabica, however, they are a bit expensive comparing it to Robusta beans.

Fresh Coffee only

Freshness is the key to making good coffee a strong coffee. The quality of the coffee beans shows in the final results, and in this case, the flavour is also concentrated. For start, you can go with subpar beans as it will give the mediocre brew. To enhance it more, choose better quality and fresh coffee beans always

Do not skip the grinding coffee

Grinding the coffee allows you to get the more flavour, the finer you do the better result you will get. However, it depends on the brewing method. It means you can grind the coffee as per the brewing method allows you. Grinding also allows you to choose the appropriate size which makes the cup of coffee better and stronger. If using the espresso machine, grind the coffee bit finer but keep it coarse in case of the French press.

Water quality is the hidden key

Your tap water where chlorine or any other off flavours exist can ruin your coffee. The experts say that using bottled spring water can be a solution. If not that, then activated charcoal or carbon filters can do the work as well. Using distilled or softened water makes the taste of coffee terrible, however, the minerals are an important part in making a strong and good cup of coffee

Learn the methods

There are different methods and contraptions used for brewing the coffee. Each of them has their own set of rules and variables. Following the points and method rules can make the coffee you are looking for. Also, coffee taste depends on person to person and their taste. If the first-time brew is not that strong, then you can add the coffee more or you can do the brewing process for a longer period. If the finished cup of coffee is way too strong, then you scale you proceed and steps, use less brewing time or grounds.

Choose the methods wisely

French press coffee can be easy as it gives you more options in customizing. Its recommended method for strong coffee. You can cheat too, add the size grounds that you use for automatic drop machine. However, don’t increase time in the brewing process.

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