Picking a coffee that can suit your taste bud from the menu full of coffee drinks can be difficult. Lost of people are nota ware with the difference, and other derivation can make them confused as well. However, to choose your number one coffee drink, here are the seven types divided that you can find in most cafes or other places.


The drink comes with Italians as their origins and introduced to another part of the world and become famous in the 1930s. The coffee is topped with foamed milk as well as hot milk to give luxurious flavors.


Latte is introduced by Italians, and it’s a shortened form of Italian cafe latte. This drink is made of steamed milk, milk foam, and Espresso. Latte is also one of the coffees that you can find around the world very common.


Known as one of the most concentrated coffee, Expresso is made by brewing the boiling of the full filtered water along with ground coffee beans. There is no sugar added, which makes the coffee perfect for starting the day with a strong dose of caffeine in the body. Espresso is also considered as a base ingredient in making different other coffee drinks.


Sharing an interesting history, Americano was introduced during the second world war, the soldiers who were posted in Italy diluted the Espresso along with hot water. Americano is a blend of Americano Italian coffee.


For those who don’t want to drink Espresso due to its overbearing taste, Macchiato is prepared by a small amount of foamed milk with the Espresso. It gives the perfect caffeine shot, which makes the Espresso taste blend. The barista or coffee brands also come up with other fusions with Macchiato, such as latte macchiato.

Irish Coffee

  Irish coffee is a combination of Espresso, sugar, and Irish whiskey, which is considered as the best drink for post-work or for unwinding. The drink sometimes also adds the whipped cream on its top to give a smooth and rich flavor.


The coffee is especially for those who love chocolates. Mocha is also known as mochaccino. The coffee is made by using Espresso as basics and chocolate syrup, whipped cream as well as hot milk.

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