If you are exploring the coffee culture in New Zealand, Dunedin is not the place you would want to miss. They are the powerhouse of producing rich and versatile coffee beans with their flagship cafes.

If you are coming from America or other parts of the world, don’t get confused with the terms like ‘Short black’ ‘Long black’ or ‘Flat white’. A short black is another term for espresso, long black is watered down espresso whereas flat is one-third of espresso with two-thirds of steamed milk along with a bit of froth.

Common Ground Espresso 

Common Ground is small-batch coffee roastery and cafe specialized in the quality they promise to provide. It is the kind of coffee company that takes up a different approach than any other coffee roasting brand. You won’t see them fancy-ing their brand with merchandise t-shirts or huge street signs as they like to put it simply. Instead, they focus on providing great coffee to the people of Dunedin and Central Otago. So their core values remain still around the quality and care. They also believe in supporting their customers with their time and focussed energy.

Visit them: Unit 11, 4 Strathhallan Street, Dunedin

Grid Coffee Roasters

Grid Coffee roasters aren’t just into selling great tasting coffee beans but also provides coffee tech and training services. Their cafe ‘ The Roastery’ is a great place to taste their grid coffee variants, buy coffee beans, machines, repairing, maintenance and even barista training.

Visit them:  172 Eglinton Road, Mornington


Mazagran Espresso Bar has been roasting, supplying and serving excellent coffee in this heart of the city for 20 years. They roast 6 days in a week and supplies coffee to various local cafes and other coffee businesses. Their Mazagran Espresso Bar is one of the best places to hang out for coffee lovers in the town.

Visit them: 36 Moray Place

Wolf at the Door 

Wolf at the Door started their coffee roasting journey from their flagship cafe called Morning Magpie. Since then, they are considered one of the leading coffee bean roasters in the South Dunedin and a great competitor in the city as well. They only produce coffee in the most ethical and sustainable way to provide a high standard of coffee.

Visit them:  6 Carroll Street

Strictly Coffee 

Strictly Coffee is the flagship cafe and roastery offering best coffee beans ideal for espresso. They have been into the coffee scene for more than 20 years based in Dunedin. Started from their humble beginnings, they became national coffee distributors and home brewers as well. From their original roaster in Bath St, they further expanded to a headquarters in Frederick St. From the headquarters they manage all their roasting supply and distribution. They are proudly are known to be Dunedin’s boutique coffee roasting company specialising in purchasing, roasting, blending and supplying the highest quality coffee beans.

Visit them: 137 Frederick Street, North Dunedin

Vanguard Specialty Coffee Co 

Vanguard Speciality Coffee Co. is a popular coffee brand which deals in retail coffee beans, roasting, supplying, serving, wholesaling and even coffee subscription. They utilize advanced coffee roasting and brewing methods to provide the world’s finest coffee. They also keen to educate their coffee lovers about transparency, traceability and sustainability of their method.

Visit them: 329 Princess Street

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