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Europe gives you a welcoming coffee culture with hundreds of well-known coffee roasters and brands are supplying the coffee across the world. Following coffee brands in Europe are the most credible ones which you must try on your visit.

Gardelli Speciality Coffees, Forli, Italy

Gardelli Speciality Coffees is committed to selecting and presenting the best quality coffee. They prioritize their selections of coffee beans in terms of choosing only the mature hand-picked cherries that are totally traceable. They showcase their unique flavours and aromas in each of their coffee products. They even pass their coffee through Ruben’s cupping protocol including the blind selection and blind tasting as well. They have been a pioneer in the speciality coffee in Italy.

Illy, Italy

Illy is a popular Italian coffee brand located in Trieste, Italy. The company was founded in 1933 by Francesco which was initially started as a family coffee business. Illy coffee roasters are known for inventing the prototype of the very first espresso machine. Now, they are an international coffee company to distribute their products to more than 131 countries. They have created their unique blend with the union of nine various Arabica coffees hand-picked from the best harvest across the world. They perfected the balance between the acidity and bitterness of the coffee giving it a very unique flavour and pleasant taste after the sips. They offer various coffee products like Espresso capsules, K-cup pods, ground espresso and Moka, whole bean, ground drip coffee, read to drink coffee, E.S.E pods and more.

Ozone Coffee Roasters, London, United Kingdom 

In 1998, Ozone coffee roasters have started with their humble beginnings latter becoming one of the most popular coffee brands in the world. They are nationally and internationally well-recognized coffee brand. You can find their coffee in different iconic cafes of different parts of the world. They are known to be producing the world’s finest coffee along with the manufacturing coffee equipment. Ozone also trains baristas and provide various technical equipment expertise.

The Barn Roastery, Berlin, Germany 

The Barn Roastery is a speciality coffee brand goes with a holistic approach concerning environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. They are one of the most credible and leading speciality coffee roasters based in Germany but surely known around the world. The brand is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, blending and serving the highest quality coffee around the world. They have single-origin coffee which can be experienced in their distinct terroir. They were even awarded for the Best Speciality Coffee Roaster Europe and the Middle East in 2019. Apart from the rich speciality coffee beans, they also have speciality instant coffee and other coffee equipment as well.

Tim Wendelboe, Norway

Tim Wendelboe is one of the pioneers in the coffee industry as they ship their coffee internationally to their wholesale clients across the world. Also, they directly sell their wide variety of coffee to the people online through their web store as well. Not to forget their coffee roastery and espresso bar where you can visit and try your own blend.

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