Cool Coffee Brands In Melbourne

There are a lot of popular brands and coffee shops known for their specialty coffee, great ambiance, reputed baristas, and a lot of other factors. Still, very few of them consist of the x-factor that you might be looking for. Well, we saved you a lot of time and chosen these coolest coffee brands in Melbourne with something extra and fascinating to explore.

Patricia Coffee Brewers

The very first thing you might notice about Patricia Coffee Brewers while visiting them is the long queue snaking out from the doors. The moment you will know you’ve come to the right place. It is the best place to enjoy quality coffee. Their pocket-sized coffee place features efficient staff, well known from brands such as Seven Seeds, Wood & Co, Bureaux Collective, Market Lane, and more. Apart from their great collection of roasted coffee beans, they also have mouth-watering pastries to enjoy.

Brother Baba Budan

Brother Baba Budan is just a few blocks down to the little Bourke Street. It is the very first endeavor of the coffee giant Mark Dundon in Melbourne. Brother Baba Budan is the coffee brand surely started as a small venue but quickly gainst popularity and a great reputation over the competition at that time. Also, they become Melbourne’s Landmark Cafes in the year 2003. It is named after the legendary coffee personality who smuggled the coffee beans out from the Middle east in the 17the century. Interestingly, they serve the espresso blends brought from Seven seeds and Carton roastery for the milk-based coffee blends along with other single-origin coffees.

Manchester Press

The all-time busy Manchester Press coffee shop becomes very evident when you enjoy a cup of coffee from their rotating selective menu. They get the house blends from 8oz Coffee Roasters where they are consistent in changing their coffee menu. Every day you visit them, you will find some new set of single-origin and batch brew to taste. This coffee surprise has created a huge customer base making this place one of the coolest coffee shops in Melbourne.


Now why Acoffee brand is unique, cool and something different from others in the lane isn’t a mystery when you give them a visit. All you see in blindingly white ultra-wide space with ultimate simplicity. From design to the very ambiance, and from the furniture to their limited menu, all serve to one purpose – giving you the only focus to the cup of coffee, and enjoy the life out of it! Acoffee offers a very selective menu with their drinks such as their house blends, white espresso drinks, cold brew, pour-over, matcha, and even juices. Their house blends are roasted in their nearby workshop providing all the complexity in the flavor.

Market Lane Coffee

Again something to say about Market Lane Coffee located at the Prahran Market, makes it special among others. They are primarily focussed to offer the single-origin coffee, roasted in small batches there itself. Everything is fresh, apparently there and selective. If you are a coffee nerd, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Be more chatty with their barista or the staff and explore what specific taste you like or would like. They are very much forward to provide the best taste focussing on a specific customer.

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