Best Coffee Shops In Stockholm

Stockholm is home to the coffee drinkers and Scandinavians take their coffee quite seriously. Ranging from small local espresso bars to the huge coffee brands, there is something for all kinds of coffee drinkers all around the world.  If you all up for having great coffee in Stockholm, then here is the list you should start with.


Kaffebar is the hotspot for the best coffee in the city. The place also serves delicious super breakfast and lunch options as well. You will have great outdoor seating during summer and springtime. The coffee here will be so much better than a few so-called popular coffee chains. You have sockets for charging right there beside your table if you want to work there on a laptop.

Visit them: Bysistorget 6, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden.

Espresso House

Espresso House is a super popular venue featured in three different locations all around Sweden. One of the most popular ones you will find in Stockholm as well. They have a very strong, passionate and loyal customer base always bustling around the cafe. Along with their selective coffee, they also serve great sweet treats.

Visit them: Central plan 15, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden.

Drop Coffee Roasters 

Surely, Drop Coffee Roasters is one of the most popular coffee brands and coffee roasters in Stockholm. They sell coffee beans, coffee training courses, and real-life barista experiences. You won’t take it much as a coffee place to hang out. However, you can always expect a hot cup of coffee served by their knowledgeable staff. You can learn so much over a cup of coffee at Drop Coffee Roasters.

Visit them: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden.

Johan & Nystrom 

There are four locations dotted in the city you will find Johan & Nystrom. This is a coffee brand that finds pride is ethical sourcing of their coffee. They also have a world-class roasting process that is dedicated to providing a perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Visit them: Swedenborgsgatan 7, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden.

Cafe Pascal 

It is highly arguable that they are the best bakery in Stockholm. You can get attracted to their wide range of bakery goods but it’s their coffee that steals your heart. The coffee goes best with their sweet treats. The combination of the coffee with their different bakery items is impeccable. You can always come back for the new combination every time.

Visit them: Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden.


Kafferverket is a minimalistic coffee shop with a feel of industrial design look featuring a wonderful neighborhood ambiance all the time. The place has some great healthy food options along with their sweet treats that go perfectly with their coffee. Kafferverket gives a warm welcoming environment for coffee drinkers.

Visit them: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62 Stockholm, Sweden.

Kafe Esais AB 

Kafe Esais AB is the place perfect to visit whenever you have an urge to have great taste coffee. More than that, you will come for their coffee but fall in love with the pastries they serve along. Kafe Esais AB is an intense and intimate coffee place, ideal to meet people over coffee and chat. Don’t miss their iced coffees in the summer season.

Visit them: Drottninggatan 102, 111 60 Stockholm, Sweden.

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