If you are all set to explore the speciality coffee scene in Berlin, all you require is some shortlisting of the cafes around your location or where you planning to visit.  In case you want to fascinate yourself the best of the best in the city, here we shortlisted very few of them which is a must-visit for every coffee geek.

Silo Coffee

Silo Coffee was that third-wave specialty coffee shop got huge popularity in Friedrichshain, Berlin. One of the specialties with Silo Coffee is being an eco-friendly coffee cafe. If you enjoy great coffee with delicious brunch, this is a place to come to Berlin. The place is run by two Australian expats who also brought their Avocado toasts with the realm of the coffee. They have this fantastic cold brew which is a must-try drink there. Silo Coffee always surprise you with their hearty breakfasts and rich taste coffee.

Visit them: Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur

Willy Andraschko uses to spend a lot of time drinking coffee back in Vienna. It just inspired him to find a career in his passion which was coffee. The person has become an integral part of the team which was backing Einstein headquarters located in Kurfürstenstraße. It was all going great for him but then he decided to focus himself into something new and more specifically. He started to concentrate primarily and entirely on the coffee beans. Since 2006, he has been constantly roasting the dark Italian style coffee beans and stocking it for the distribution. He is old school but highly reliable, consistent and extraordinary with his coffee beans.

Visit them: Industriestraße 18, 12099 Berlin, Germany

Roamers Cafe

If you are remotely around Neukölln, Roamers cafe is surely the best place for good coffee.  Roamers cafe makes a great impression. This place is a little hidden gem which a lot of people in the city don’t know about. The Roamers Cafe is the interior full of plants and greenery around it, feels very positive and live. With the freshly brewed coffee, you can also have a nice piece of cake and a fresh sandwich or french toast. Make sure you have some time when you come as they do not take any reservations.

Visit them: Pannierstraße 64, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Prinzessinnengärten Cafè

A group of volunteers believed to transform a 60-years old abandoned and alienated wasteland in midst of Kreuzberg’s bustling Moritzplaz into a green oasis as what is known today. It was nine years ago ad now this ‘ princess gardens’ gives more than 500 distinctive types of vegetables. Now, this great place also features this organic cafe known as Prinzessinnengärten Cafè. It is a tree-shade, very beautiful and quiet. It draws attention to the people who are cycling, biking or walking around there. They offer such delicious strong espresso that goes perfect with communicating with nature.

Visit them: Prinzenstraße 35-38, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Flying Roastery

You will find that most of the Coffee roasteries in Berlin rely on directly traded pure coffee but Flying Roastery took this one step ahead. They primarily committed to offering organic products along with a detailed description of their working methods highly transparent, direct and collective. Now that kind of transparency just establish the supreme level of trust and reputation in terms of business, wholesaling and even direct selling.

Visit them: Hochstraße 34, 13357 Berlin, Germany

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