Top Coffee Brands In Wellington

You need to remember that not all coffee is created equal. So, being a coffee enthusiast, you need to find the topmost coffee brands in Wellington. Coffee brands won their credibility over time with their specialization in a specific type of coffee. Or, they might be unique in their approach, process, hospitality, and interiors as well. Here are the top coffee brands in Wellington which you must try when you are around or came for the visit.

#1 Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is one of the best places to buy coffee in New Zealand. They aren’t just best in the coffee roastery but also in the design and dressing of their staff. With minimalistic aesthetics, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and get some best from their roastery to your home. They also have an espresso bar with their roastery in Happer Street, Wellington where you get to taste their excellent coffee beans in weekday mornings.

Visit them: 31 Waring Taylor St, Wellington.

#2 Havana Coffee Works 

One of the most eccentric coffee roasting brands in New Zealand is Havana Coffee Works. They started their brand stamping on the local market in 1989. Havana Coffee Works are the early pioneers of coffee merchandising and direct coffee beans trade. The extraordinarily rich and varied coffee beans come from their close relationship with coffee growers in Vanuatu, Sumatra, Bolivia, and Cuba.

Visit them: 163 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

#3 Prefab

Prefab is the place for you if you are in love with bottomless Acme single-origin fancied filter coffee. The place is a good eatery spot, community hub, and surely the ideal coffee place to hang out in Wellington, and a great place to get yourself soaked in the city vibes as well. Prefab Eatery which is a 180-seater flagship cafe for the Acme coffee brand founded in 2013 by Bridget Dunn and Jeff Kennedy. Their primary focus is on two popular blends; Espresso and Pour Plunge Brew, so make sure you try those ones for sure. Don’t forget to try their seasonal breakfast, housemade bread, and other eateries.

Visit them: 14 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

#4 Flight Coffee

Flight Coffee is a fun and colorful brand with the most interesting aesthetics and branding. They are best with their wealth of coffee sourcing, brewing, and roasting knowledge. It is run by Nich and Richard, both are multi-award winning baristas. They have a great relationship between the coffee farmers around the world which defines their fine taste of coffee and the variety they offer.

Visit them: 30 Garret Street, Wellington.

 #5 Mojo Coffee

Mojo has earlier started as a small coffee roaster along with its cafe in Wellington. They were founded as a boutique roastery cafe in the year 2003. Since then, they have developed and built themselves as a recognized brand across various coffee shops in New Zealand. They roast three different types of house blends as their signature products such as ‘The Injection’, ‘Dr. Mojos’s Medicine’, and ‘Feelgood’. They roast varieties of single-origin and micro-lot beans along with their other 90 coffees selected around the world.

Visit them: Shed 13, 37 Customhouse Quay, Wellington.

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