Best Coffee Brands In Stockholm

Scandinavians drink their coffee plenty of times during the day and making their country one of the best popular coffee scenes in Europe. Stockholm is the home for the specialty coffee drinkers in Europe. You can explore much more about cool coffee brands located at the place. With so many options, it might be overwhelming to opt for an ideal coffee spot in Stockholm. Here are the best coffee brands to experience the coffee culture in Stockholm.


Djurgårdsterrassen is the most popular cafe and restaurant located on the islands of Djurgården. You can enjoy the presence of experienced baristas always ready to roast you the perfect cup of coffee at the moment. Their Swedish meatballs and Skagen are the signature dishes of the cafe are the best accompaniment with the premium coffee.

Visit them: Sirishovsvägen 3, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden.

Drop Coffee Roasters

Drop Coffee opened the roastery and bistro in 2009. In those days the premises served additionally as the roastery, which is these days helped to remember with an image of the wonderful turquoise 25 kg Dietrich machine and a gap in the rear of the shop from where the initial 1 kilo Giesen Roaster was put in. The roastery is currently situated around 3 tram stations away as we were told by Joanna Alm, CEO and head roaster of Drop Coffee.

Visit them: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden.

Färgfabrikens Kafé

Färgfabrikens Kafé was formerly a paint factory that turned into a spacious coffee house. There is an abundance of windows and lofty ceilings in the coffee shop. The building is now utilized as a contemporary art venue featuring such large events. You will also see the cafe serving lunch and brunch with seven different types of cookies. Such an extensive range of art appreciation you find at the cafe.

Visit them: Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm, Sweden.

Kafé 44

The Kafe 44 is managed and operated by the non-profit organizations where it is also linked with all nearby music concert areas. This place is surrounded by a cozy and artistic environment giving the coffee drinkers also popular choice among music and movie lovers. The cafe offers the budget vegetarian food with healthy and mouth-watering sandwiches making its signature. The place also features the house for the various Swedish underground bands and singers.

Visit them: Tjärhovsgatan 46, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden.

Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nystrom is founded by a group of coffee enthusiasts who wishes to spread the idea of quality and premium coffee. You can see them showcasing their passion for the coffee. You can use the bright color tone and lines which are influenced by its Scandinavian design of the cafe. They purchase the sustainably-grown coffee beans from fair trade agencies, roasted in their own roasteries.

Visit them: Norrlandsgatan 20, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden.


Chokladkoppen is another cozy coffee cafe located in Gamla Stan, – Stockholm’s old town. It is a petite cafe just beside the Nobel Museum and Royal Palace. The cafe features a wide range of Danish pastries and sandwiches go perfect with a cup of Swedish coffee. Their sweet treats are great complementary to the Swedish coffee you enjoy there. You can enjoy the hot chocolate which is delicious, smooth, and full of cocoa flavors as well. You will see the influence of the Netherlands in its simple designed interior cafe.

Visit them: Stortorget 18, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden.

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