Best Coffee To Buy In Paris

Paris always has been a hotspot for celebrated coffee culture. And you won’t be disappointed with their extensive range of native coffee roasters, especially with their Parisian charm. The new wave coffee recently in the past few years has dramatically improved their coffee scene. It actually brought the top-notch coffee roasters and enthusiasts around the world to Paris.

Well, if you are someone traveling to Paris to enjoy their coffee culture or just finding a great place to enjoy the coffee of your life, here are some handpicked options.

 KB Coffee Roasters

KB Coffee Roasters are creating good vibes with their coffee in the city since 2010. Their coffee shop serves flat white, cold brew, and other lots of different coffee drinks on the terrace or indoors of the place. Their second address just opened in June 2019 where they explore more as roasting workshops along with a 7m brew bar allowing people to taste the coffee before they buy it.

Visit them: 53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris.

Belleville Brûlerie

They are renowned coffee roasters in Paris supplying their flagship coffee to the city’s most favorite coffee shops. The credibility comes from their very reputation. Well, it is not much of a cafe to hangout. However, they open their doors for the public on Saturdays which is a must-go for coffee enthusiasts. Also, you can book for weekly coffee tasting or cupping sessions along with your group. They have a versatile range of coffee beans sourced from all around the world, natively roasted.

Visit them: 14b Rue Lally-Tollendal, 75019 Paris, France

Cafe’ Varlet

Cafe’ Varlet has been proudly roasting since the 1880s with their own ambiance at their venue, very different from other coffee shops across Paris. They are neither that trendy minimalistic spot nor that formal brasserie-style you often witness in Paris. It provides a warm and intimate coffee-loving atmosphere with a more rustic look. They are very much customer-friendly and help people to get comfortable with trying their extensive menu. It is the best place to buy coffee beans in Paris, for sure.

Visit them: 256 Rue Saint-Honore’, Paris.

Coutume Cafe

Coutume Cafe is one of the best coffee places to hang out in the city, especially for coffee enthusiasts. They have played a significant role in the development of the Parisian coffee scene. You will find the canteen layout style where you enjoy your day, work, and meet people over a delicious cup of coffee. They also offer experimental coffee options which you must try. Also, they have specialization in fulfilling their tradition to serve sized slabs of cakes.

Visit them: 47 Rue De Babylone.

Terres De Cafe

Terres De Cafe has been roasting coffee with their own selected coffee beans since 1979. It is one of their five coffee boutiques where two of them also serve food. The coffee shop you find in the 4th Arrondissement. There are coffee beans in gold dispensers, they come up with new coffee blends in their daily special to surprise their regular customers. Their friendly staff will help you to find the best coffee beans or blends for yourself to take home.

Visit them: 32 rue Blancs Manteaux, Paris.

Cafe Lomi

Not just an ideal coffee shop for getting a great jumpstart for the day but also a place to socialize and enjoy your weekend. Cafe Lomi offers savory Israeli breakfast such as Shakshuka and sweet scones. So, you do not have to limit yourself to just for the coffee. Now why this place is so awesome for coffee lovers? Well, interestingly, they have these machinery and coffee making procedures going on which you can witness in the best view possible.

Visit them: 3 ter Rue Marcadet, Paris.

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