Warsaw is one of the fastest-growing developing cities located in Europe. The coffee scene in the city is also exploring through more tourism spike. And not just that, the locals are passionate about the specialty coffee. That something you can identify through their number of specialty coffee roasteries and cafes where the number is increasing. Experienced Baristas are finding their way back to Warsaw to start new ventures. So if you are there, you can definitely visit these best coffee places in Warsaw.

Filtry Cafe 

Locate in an old part of Ochota, Filtry cafe is one of Warsaw’s oldest specialty coffee houses. Well, The cafe is small and cozy. It was the first cafe in warsaw which served the coffee using different methods instead of Espresso. The cafe has its consistent blend known as Myk Myk. They purchase it from the local roaster.  Another one you get is ‘ traveling with espresso’. Both are prepared with La Ma so they can offer different options in brewing. You can get different choices in coffee which include Java coffee,  Audun, Coffee Proficient, and Czarny Deszcz. Apart from polish roasters kofi brands. They offer The Barn and Bonanza like German Roasters too.

Visit them: Juliana Ursyna Niemcewicza 3, 02-022 Warszawa, Poland


Relaks is knowns for its friendly and home-like vibes along with an amazing cup of coffee. The cafe roasts its brewed options and straight espresso from The Barn. And coffee zone roasts are for milk drinks. Relaks was a bicycle repair shop in the beginning, but then it turned out as the first bike and coffee shop in Poland. But after that, they stopped working as a bicycle repair but still, you will find this shop bike-friendly. The coffee lovers enjoy their cup of coffee admiring the posters hanging on the walls. These posters are part of rotating art from Piotr Dąbrowski Gallery. The cafe was the first business that was established in Dąbrowskiego Square.

Visit them: Puławska 48, 00-999 Warszawa, Poland

Ministerstwo Kawy

The cafe offers a lovely space where you will find huge windows, wooden tables and different magazines to read. The customers enjoy their coffee while reading the magazines in the most popular Zbawiciela Square neighborhood in Warsaw. Also, the place is famous for maintaining a high standard. They keep rotating the selections of three or four single-origin coffee along with their light roasting. They buy it from Koppi, a Swedish company. Ministertwo kawy have owners who are crazy about coffees. They aim for direct trading as much as it can be possible. So they can deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. 

Visit them: Marszałkowska 27/35, 00-639 Warszawa, Poland


Inside a contemporary art museum in Downtown warsaw, You can find this charming cafe. On top of that, Emsen shares its space with a bookstore making this place perfect for spending some alone time. To offer something new, Emsen keeps rotating their roasters and coffee frequently. This helps them to find new flavors and origins in coffee. Well, espresso comes from Nuova Simonelli where ass single origins are delivered by different Poland roasters and from abroad as well. You get different options too such as Woodneck and  Aeropress. There are three pour-overs too like Hario V60, Kalita, and Chemex.

Visit them: Pańska 3, 00-124 Warszawa, Poland


Probably the smallest specialty cafe that you will find in Warsaw, Moko is crammed into 15 square meter space. But still, the cafe includes every required essential. It includes various brewing methods,  MCE espresso machine, and cake. For summer days, they also offer cold brew coffee, especally famous for beating the heat in summer days. You can visit here and grab your cup of coffee. Also for more, you can take a walk to Królikarnia Park.

Visit them: Antoniego Malczewskiego 6, 02-617 Warszawa, Poland

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