Historically, Moscow had some difficulty establishing itself as a great coffee city. Just in the last few years, the city gained on the scene with an increase in large local chains. Now, Moscow is one of the primary coffee hotspots you must visit if you are traveling to Russia. Moscow has found its baristas and coffee shops accustomed to catering to the localities instead of reflecting their inspirations from the US. Here are a few of the best you should definitely look for.


Coffeemania is not like other coffee cafes in Moscow and that’s what makes them into this list. They were launched in 2001 and grown to 20 outlets today. The design, taste, and ambiance with them is something exclusively reserved for them. It seems more like a boutique than a coffee shop. They roast their own coffee, served as espresso and pour over which are costing twice as compared to other coffee cafes, but worth it. They treat coffee more like an art, and that’s quite visible in their approach.

Visit them: Tverskaya St, 22, Moscow, Russia, 

West 4

The closest to Kropotkinskaya Metro station and also the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, you can find this fine cafe named West4 coffee. It was opened in 2014 where they were inspired by the NYC coffee culture experienced by the owners in the USA. West 4 somewhat tries to evoke the old-time New York but in romanticizes form. Also, the original West 4 café, which is located in ostozhenka have the collections of coffee roasted and blends. The coffee is roasted by them, and it includes different single origins including pour-overs or espresso drinks. They have three different coffee on the offer and also three different coffee-making methods as well which are V60, Aeropress, and Chemex. 

Visit them: Ostozhenka, 3 14, Moscow, Russia

Camera Obscura

Camera obscura is originated to be the seller of roasted coffee, but they now turn into wholesale clients and offer subscription-like services. Apart from that, they expend the café services and have two different locations where they serve the coffee. Also, they choose a Nordic approach to source the coffee, and the roasted is done in the Scandinavian profile but is the lightest way. It includes the single-origin, pours overs as well as espresso. 

Visit them:  Pereulok Stoleshnikov, 9 стр.3, Moscow, Russia, 125009

Kooperativ Chernyy

The cooperative Chernyy is an intense and comparatively tiny coffee spot in conjunction with Vraft beer bar Sosna and Lipa. It goes favorable for them as both kinds of specialty beverages attract people who are interested in both. They themselves brew the coffee on a daily basis for the sake of fresh coffee to their regular customers. The baristas at Cooperative Chernyy are always performing their coffee-making methods right in front of you which is so enriching and engaging to watch. They are equipped with Nuova Simonelli Espresso machine, golden Mahlkoenig EK43, and a mythos grinder as well.

Visit them: Pokrovka, 31, Moscow, Russia

Double B

Double B is the epitome of the modern third-wave coffee you can find in Moscow. They were founded in 2012 by Anna Tsfasman and Melik-Karakozova, these are two coffee veterans putting their experience in their local coffee chain. They are consistent with seasonal and diverse single-origin coffees. They are now extended over more than 20 outlets in Moscow.  So you won’t find any trouble to spot them on your go in the city. They also have their original espresso drink called Raf coffee which is you must try as you find that exclusive in that place.

Visit them: Ulitsa Volkhonka, 9 строение 1, Moscow, Russia

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