Seoul is becoming the hotspot for the cool coffee places in the city for tourists all around the world. For the last few years, coffee tourism escalated to another level with an increase in specialty coffee shops in the city. Specialty coffee is becoming a more integral part of the Seoul localities as developing their taste and preferences. Also, Seoul is this hotspot of unique and trendy cafes that you might not have seen anywhere else. If you are traveling anytime soon to the Seoul, here are few cool coffee brands where you should hang out for sure.

Coffee M Stable 

Coffee M Stable is located in the Gangnam district opened in late 2016. The coffee cafe was owned by Jong-Chul Moon. The coffee owner is dedicated to their in-house coffee-roasting process and personally checks everything on a regular basis apart from actually brewing coffee in the cafe. The interior of the coffee cafe is great. You will see these large wooden tables in the middle with a contrast of copper details. There is an overall black or dark brown matte interior look in the cafe. You can try their different coffee drinks with freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Visit them: 57-2 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Coffee Libre 

Coffee Libre company is one of the most successful sustainable specialty coffee business models in Seoul. They are truly the trailblazers to pull that off on a larger scale, very first in South Korea. They are into the green bean direct trade with having an interest in fresh coffee ingredients along with a scientific approach to coffee growing methods.  This place highly focuses on espresso-based drinks only. 

Visit them: 227-15 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Fritz Coffee Company 

You will see the owner brewing the filter coffee right at the front of you over a little friendly chat. The place is large but still quite cozy and intimate, also mostly packed. You will spot a lot of localities enjoying their day or evening over a cup of coffee with some freshly-baked goods. The place has a really warm vibe where you can sit and relax. They also have their second location just between the Changdeokgung Palace and Garden, also the Bukchon Hanok Village. 

Visit them: 17 Saechang-ro 2-gil, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Butter Book 

This coffee cafe is named Butter Book for a reason. The cafe itself looks like a block of butter just out of its aluminum wrap. Their walls are painted pale yellow with calm shade tiles of canary yellow. It is a 10 seater quick grab and go coffee place or even can be a perfect takeaway. They have some great selection of coffee such as drip coffee to begin with. Apart from that, their menu includes a lot of delicious stuff to try such as bottled milk, ganache brownies, and brewed tea as well. 

Visit them: 31-2 Yongsandong 2(i)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Cafe Themselves

Cafe Themselves is one of those highly popular places where the Seoul millennials hit up to hang out. The place has three levels and even then, you will find the cafe mostly packed. You can get an idea about the popularity of the place with the fact that they offered a discount on go-to orders so more people prefer that. So you can visit the place in the morning for their amazing freshly brewed coffee at a discounted price for takeaways. However, you must try sitting at the place and enjoying the vibe of the cafe along with those youth localities at the spot.  

Visit them: South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Cheongdam-dong, 68-5 카페뎀셀브즈 1층

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