You might be looking for the best coffee brand in Berlin?

Well, for starters there are many, so it depends upon your personal choice and preferences. If you are going to buy the coffee beans or coffee blend packages from a known coffee brand, it is suggested to try those from their flagship cafes or cupping sessions. Try and then buy, but if you are looking to have a great cup of coffee on a bright day in Berlin, here are the best options you should look for.

Five Elephant Kreuzberg

Five Elephant is a  small bakery with special roastery situated in Kreuzberg. It aims to deliver the best roasters in Berlin, along with contributing to the production of coffee in terms of environment and socially. The café source the green coffee beans and prepare them in their roastery. You can enjoy five elephant’s Scandinavian style setting along with large tables where you can work or have fun with friends. If you are looking for a perfect spot where you can enjoy the morning coffee, five elephants are the perfect option to try right away. Their filter coffee is highly rich and nuanced at the level you have never seen before. 

Visit them: Reichenberger Str. 101, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Tres Cabezas Kaffeerösterei Berlin

It is a small coffee establishment located in the boxhangener Street. They are popular for their wide variety of coffee beans available to buy for the coffee enthusiasts. Their staff is highly sociable and helping the customers and make them choose the best for them. Tres Cabezas roast the coffee beans in small batches five times in a week. This ensures their top-quality fresh flavour and breathtaking aroma. You will find some other coffee brands selling there as well such as Wild at heart and Pura Vida Berlin Coffee. On their website, they have provided a large abundance of information on sourcing, roasting, and blending of the coffee. Their recently opened cafe in Mitte is named as 19grams. You can try their coffee blends there before you buy it.

Visit them: Boxhagener Str. 74, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Ben Rahim

Ben Rahim is known to be the first third-wave coffee shop popular for its Arabian twist. They come from their huge passion for the coffee starting out in 2015. They are also the very first coffee shop who aren’t serving sugar anymore. They also have a no-cash strict policy as they only accept cards. They believe primarily in the high-quality specialty coffee and stand against tampering the coffee with the sugar. Not just that, they also serve hand-brewed coffee without milk. Ben Rahim is one of the best coffee shops in Berlin that you just cannot miss. They do not encourage tipping at their shop as well. It was started out as a one-man shop but grew over this huge space in October 2019 with the expansion of 8 team members.

Visit them: Sophienstraße 7, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Concierge Coffee

Concierge coffee spaced out in about 15 square meters in size, tiniest of all. It is located on Paul-Lincke Ufer just at the edge of the canal. If you are looking for a little intimate cozy coffee stop, Concierge coffee is the best place for you there. The place is filled with rich abundant aromas in the dim-lit brick walls along with decorative details. The owners of this coffee cafe come from Bonanza coffee heroes. At Concierge, they are trained in the art and craft of the third wave of coffee production. You should try their flat white as they have proficiently mastered that form of coffee.

Visit them: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, 10999 Berlin, Germany

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