Nice Coffee Shops In Budapest

Finding a good place to sip the best tasting coffee in Budapest isn’t tricky. The place is the home of specialty coffee shops where even the variety of options can overwhelm you. Here are a few nice coffee shops which you should visit first. These are either unique in their own ways or one of the most popular ones in Budapest. Either way, you are going to have your best coffee experience ever.

Madal Cafe

One of the most popular specialty coffee chains in Budapest is Madal Cafe. They are located in three different prime areas across the city. Among the best ones, One you will find near to the Parliament building, another is at the Fereciek there. They serve various espresso-based drinks, filter coffee, and cold brews in warmer months. Madal Cafe also roasts the coffee beans for the seasonal harvest sourced from Brazil or Ethiopia. You can find the best seats upstairs and witness all the action happening down below. Madal Cafe is easily and highly accessible from different parts of the city.

Visit them: Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 3, 1136 Hungary.


Fekete is the best place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you enter through the yellow ceramic tiles to this hip cafè situated in the 19th-century courtyard, you will already feel the tranquility of the place. It is one of the hidden gems in Budapest, especially for the coffee geeks. If the weather supports, you can also enjoy the morning coffee in the open-air courtyard. Well, that’s the best morning one could ask for. They have all the elite new-wave coffee, hand pour-overs, and espresso-based drinks as well.

Visit them: Budapest, Múzeum krt. 5, 1053 Hungary.

Blue Bird Cafe & Roastery

If you are a true coffee geek, you might get confused with its uncanny resemblance to Blue Bottle Coffee based in California. Blue Bird is a well-known coffee brand in Hungary, a reputed coffee roaster featuring their own specialty coffee shops and cafes in Budapest. You will find one of the best in tourist-crowded place Jewish Quarter. They offer a wide range of filter coffee. It is simple and easy for coffee beginners. You can order all kinds of drinks to get introduced to the world of coffee. They have Aeropress, V60, cold brew, siphon, and Chemex. Blue Bird Cafe & Roastery sourced the high-quality Arabica coffee beans from nine different countries. You can also buy them in package form to take it home.

Visit them: Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 12, 1075 Hungary.

Barako Café

You will find it difficult to spot a specialty coffee around the Buda side, and that’s when Barako opened there at first, it filled the void for a good craft coffee. It is a closet-sized specialty coffee cafe with very intimate interiors. Ryan Andres, the Filipino owner chose this particular place to open a coffee shop instead of the tourist-crowded downtown areas. This also makes it a better place for coffee with less of the crowd and away from the hustle of the city. Siphon coffee is amongst there specialties which are made with an extensive preparation process inspired by a high school chemistry experiment. They import Barako coffee beans which are a variation of Liberica species specifically cultivates in the land of the Philippines. If you want to work all night or just a caffeine addict, go for their drink called “Dead Eye”. It is three shots of espresso served with freshly brewed coffee.

Visit them: Budapest, Török u. 3, 1023 Hungary.

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