Best Coffee Shops In Budapest

Budapest is a beautiful, panoramic, and historical city that has one of the richest coffee cultures in the World. If you are set to explore the coffee scene in Budapest, you should start from the best coffee companies in Budapest. Here are some hand-picked coffee companies which should be first in your list.


You will find lots of specialty coffee shops, various wine bars, and a lot more restaurants but Portobello is all of these at once. This is a high-ceiling space located down at the downtown cobblestone street, one of the nice looking places around. The place features a very sleek coffee machine, oversized windows, and a large communal table that can be boldly seen in the highly polished beautiful interiors. The coffee in Portobello is made from the coffee beans sourced and harvested from high altitude farms of Rwanda at the well-known roastery in Berlin named The Barn. They also offer a great breakfast menu along with the coffee. The best you can go for is granola bowl and bread topped with scrambled eggs. Do try their ricotta pancake and natural wines as well.

Visit them: Budapest, Rákóczi út 63, Budapest.

Kontakt Budapest

Kontakt Budapest is a specialty coffee shop and cafe that you will find inside the pre-war downtown building’s cobblestoned courtyard. The place exists with the minimalistic interior design but heavily-bearded staff. They are super friendly at the Kontakt, for sure. You will find the customers busy on their smartphones at the cafe, seem quite like hip cafè from Brooklyn. They have a no-sugar straightforward policy where there is no milk to add in their drip coffees.  A lot of coffee geeks order nitro brew there which is one of the only places in Budapest that serves it.

Visit them: Budapest, Károly krt. 22, Budapest.

The Goat Herder – Espresso Bar

The Goat Herder is a trendy specialty coffee shop and espresso bar always bustling with a lot of foreign students. It is located in the working-class outer District 7 in Budapest. That’s a bit surprising to see such an Espresso bar in an unusual place. But everything makes sense when you see the University of Veterinary Medicine just across the street. The European students, especially the coffee fans, found this place to be their second home. They do not hesitate to order a pricey lattè and when you taste it, you never as well. Apart from the specialty coffee, they also serve delicious sandwiches, salads, pastries, snacks, and fresh fruit juices as well.

Visit them: Budapest, István u. 5, Budapest.

Walzer Café

Instead of the antique, contemporary or sophisticated vibe, you find in the city cafes, Walzer Cafe is more like quirky, colorful, and friendly. It is located outside the city on the opposite side of the Danube River. It is an ideal place for breakfast and noon coffee breaks. They serve wonderful coffee along with various lunch or brunch options such as pastries, quesadillas, and sandwiches as well. If you are visiting with kids, they also offer a small station where kids can color and read books.

Visit them: Budapest, Táncsics Mihály u. 12, Budapest.

Alexandra Book Café

Alexandra Book cafè is located at the former Paris Department Store, on the upper floor. Well, straight away, it is one of the most beautiful coffee cafes you have ever been to, anywhere around the world. Well, that’s a lot to say but it is true. The interior is rich, elegantly decorated, and ornated with the gold predominantly giving it a neo-renaissance style. It is one of the most luxurious and beautiful places for coffee and cakes.

Visit them: Andrassy ut 39Budapest.

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