Top Coffee Roasters In Bucharest

Bucharest has been leading the coffee scene in Europe for a quite while now. For the past few years, the coffee drinkers in the city have been growing over time. Bucharest, Romania has been attracting world-class baristas from around the globe. It inspired people to establish small-scale coffee roasteries and coffee shop in the town. Coffe Education also is getting more promoted through these coffee brands in Romania. They train and offer new courses for aspiring baristas and coffee aspirants. Now, if you walk around in Bucharest, there will be always a specialty coffee shop or coffee company in a few kilometers.

BOB Coffee Lab

BOB Coffee Lab features the coffee shop along with the Roasting Lab in Bucharest, Romania. They have a park frontal location to enjoy the best views of your coffee. They have award-winning coffee roasters and baristas believe in the philosophy of perfectly roasted coffee achieving through their series of tests and experiments. They work on every aspect of the coffee such as aroma, color, taste, texture, and fragrance which comes from their conviction on roasting or the procedure. This is one of the best places to buy coffee in Bucharest.

 Visit them: Piața Charles de Gaulle 3, București, Romania.

Narcoffee Roasters Magheru

Narcoffee Roasters Magheru is situated just two minutes’ walk from Romania Athenaeum at Strada Anastasie. They bring coffee from different corners of the world, roasting it locally and serving it freshly ground to hospitality, coffee, and food institutions. They believe in the formation of homemade coffee with various blends, blacks and milk served right there at the spot. They are one of the best specialty coffee roasters in Bucharest bringing green coffee harvested from credible farms in South America, Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean. They find a striking balance between the acidity, consistency, and flavor of the coffee.

Visit them: Strada Anastasie Simu 6, București 030167, Romania.

Coftale Specialty Coffee

There is a retro vibe at the Coftale you will feel when you visit them for the first time. The place is also very comfortable and welcoming. They bring the coffee beans from the local coffee roasters such as Papa Jacques, Origo, and Guido. They work on espresso, Aeropress, V60, cold brew, and siphon coffee as well. This is the place where you can buy some great specialty coffee as well. This can be perfect if are specifically interested in specialty coffee and want to enjoy it at your home as well.

Visit them: Strada Ștefan Mihăileanu, București 024024, Romania.


Guido is a homegrown Romanian coffee roastery started by two people from different backgrounds. Adrian Simion, a business guru, and Floriana Vlaicu, first Romanian world finalist in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships.  They aimed to provide a high-quality and transparent roastery brand with some theatrical flair. Guido also organizes public coffee cupping sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays heavily attended at the place. They are so packed that require advance booking. They offer one of the best coffee in Romania.

Visit them: Strada Mihai Eminescu 182, București 030167, Romania.

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