Cool Coffee Shops In Budapest

You will find the coolest coffee shops and roasters in Budapest whether it is those cornered cobblestoned intimate cafe or antique historical cafes. The place is the hub of third-wave coffee shops with different kinds of vibes, architecture, and specialties. If you are in search of finding some of the best coffee brands or shops to hang out, here are some hand-picked ones.

My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar

My Little Melbourne Coffee is one of the very first specialty coffee shops in Budapest when it was first opened in 2012. It became a cult very rapidly. You can say that it is one of the highly recognized coffee brands in Budapest. More than that, it is also among the coolest ones. They have four different branches across the city. Different premises are dedicated to some specific kind of coffee drinks. Like in one place, you will find all espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Then there are some other places serving filter coffees using a different kind of coffee brewing equipment like AeroPress, V60, and Chemex.

Visit them: Budapest, Madách Imre út 3.

Horizont Cafe

Horizont Cafe is the contemporary face of Budapest, unlike a few other coffee shops in Budapest that seem like a time portal. It is a circle-shaped cafe where you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast. The floor-to-ceiling windows seem like a box office ticket window used to like before in 1999. Horizont cafe features a well-established specialty coffee shop, restaurant, and great hangout place in the town. The interiors of the cafe are fashioned into a polished mid-century modern furnishings. The vivid colors, hanging globe lamps, art decor and brass finishes make it even more contrast to its vibe. They offer various filter coffees and espresso-based drinks. Horizont Cafe finds its coffee beans imported from Colombia, Burundi, and Ethiopia.

Visit them: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 13.

Müterem Kávézó

There are three primary reasons to visit Müterem Kávézó – fresh OJ, specialty coffee, and pecan croissants. And that could be enough but surely there is more to it. This specialty coffee cafe is located outside the city in District 8. It is great that owners decided to open a cafe in a less privileged side of the city. They didn’t go for the usual downtown pour-over coffee. The place has great warmth and a welcoming vibe to it. Most of their regular customers are actually neighborhood residents. Interestingly, the place is located in a not-so-popular-for-tourist area but that’s what it makes it better for exploration. The less-explored local attraction there is a must-visit like late-Baroque church and former telephone exchange when you stop by for a cup of coffee.

Visit them: Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 19.

Kelet Cafè

Kelet Cafè is another specialty coffee hotspot located in the revitalized Buda neighborhood featuring lots of bars, art galleries, and cafes. You will find Kelet there with a wall of books in the cafe. The place owns a trendy crowd making the neighborhood more happening and alive than ever. The floor-to-ceiling large windows make it perfect to look inside or outside the cafe, ideal for people watching from the cafè. Along with the usual coffee selections, they also serve Turkish coffee along with any snack or cake you want. Their carrot cake is the best to go with Turkish coffee.

Visit them: Budapest, Bartók Béla út 29.

Dorado Café

Dorado Café is a specialty coffee shop that came in not before 2018 rapidly grown its popularity over a short span of time. You will find it at Klauzál Street inside the old Jewish Quarter. Hungarian Emese Görföl and Spanish Mario Jimenez are the owners of this specialty coffee cafe brand. They offer various coffee blends ranging from V60 hand-pour to various espresso-based drinks made with the La Marzocco machine. Go for their fresh pastries or avocado toast, goes best with their espresso-based drinks. The place is bustling with local tourists and visitors on a regular basis.

Visit them: Budapest, Klauzál u. 35.

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