Cool Coffee Shops to Visit In Prague

You will witness a tremendous coffee exposure in Prague with their dozen new roasters and brands evolving in the past few years. It has become an integral part of tourism in Prague where lot of coffee enthusiasts are visiting the place to experience the coffee culture there. Prague hosts a bunch of popular coffee brands but some are way cooler than others in terms of their concept, interiors and in nature. Well, here are some places to explore which you will love for sure.

Kafe Karlin

The simplicity at its best. Kafe Karlin is a minimalistic looking simple espresso bar tempting for coffee enthusiasts. It situated in the Karlin district founded by the great coffee experts in association with Kavovy Klub ( Coffee Club).  This coffee club is famous for its farmer’s market presence. Not a huge place but one of the best coffee places you can show up while being in Prague. They even have a bottle of Slivovitz on the shelve at the back. If you ask politely, they might give you a shot from it. Kafe Karlin has a great reputation in the local area of Prague.


Find the most effective combinations of the huge comfortable tables and great taste coffee, also with the strong Wi-Fi service. Monolok has one of the best ambiances with its soothing and minimal interiors to enjoy your day or work. They get their coffee from the local and credible roaster Coffee Source. They offer various espresso-based drinks, hand-brewing coffee, Aeropress and drip cones as well. Do try their satisfying morning breakfast along with the cup of coffee.

I Need Coffee!

You might find some similarity between I Need Cafe and some world-class ones in the Mitte, Berlin. However, here they are more welcoming and casual. It is a modern coffee shop with clean interior-design providing excellent coffee in Prague. They have a very selective menu for their coffee but everything there is a must-try. Even their snacks or beverages brought from bakers and local farmers are really awesome.

Alza Cafe

The second flagship cafes from the Doubleshot roastery coffee brand where they feature their best cups in the Holesovice district. Alza Cafe is an ideal espresso bar to meet new people. They tucked in Curry’s or Dixon’s style electronic store located at the northern side of the river in Prague. They focus on espresso-based drinks, not on the filter options. Their seasonal Tam Dem espresso blend is great to serve with the perfect balance of smoothness and a ‘strong’ factor. Some additional touch-up in their like providing Qi charging pads on every table is something adding great value to the customers.

Muj Salek Kavy

Muj Salek Kavy is the flagship cafe of the known coffee roastery brand Doubleshot based in Prague. This place has been a long-time favourite amongst the coffee lovers in the city. You can get great taste flat white or espresso here but more than that you can enjoy their other manual alternative methods to prepare coffee. Baristas at Muj Salek Kavy are a lot friendly, always ready to advise on your drink choices, educate you the best of the day. They even save you time and money by buying the most suitable drink for you. That’s pretty impressive. They now even expanded to provide new barista training as well.


Brewbar at the Naplavka farmers market is surely one of the coolest coffee shops to enjoy in Prague. They run a stand at the place for the last 5 years and no matter what the weather is, you will find them there. Radek and Jiri run the stand where they offer the city’s best and finest filter including you in the process as well. You can witness, learn and enjoy the process of getting a great finest taste to your cup. They also won the Aeropress championship in 2015, just another feather in their cap. They offer very selective roasts and blends chosen from around the world.

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