Best Coffee To Buy In Lisbon

Specialty coffee came to Lisbon very recently but the locals adapted to the third-wave coffee very well. Lisbon embraced the whole coffee scene in the city with an increase in local coffee roasters and specialty coffee shops. If you’re looking for some nice coffee shops in Lisbon, here are a few of them to begin with.

Heim Cafe 

During afternoon time, you might notice the crowd sitting here with their laptops and lattes. In the morning, the place is busy with serving the brunch to their customers. The coffee shop is adorable and owned by a Ukrainian couple. The place is perfect in case you want to spend some relaxing time in Lisbon. 

Visit them: Rua de Santos-o-Velho 4, Lisbon 1200-812 Portugal.

Cafe Boavida 

With a comfortable and relaxed environment, this place gives the homespun vibe. Order your espresso from here, or enjoy the house-made food. They have different options in their mid-week brunch like granola bowls, fresh salad, or even the croissants. Most of the people visit here while they are going for shopping or starting their day. 

Visit them: R. do Poço dos Negros 119, 1200-337 Lisboa, Portugal.

Cafe Jardim Da Estrela 

To enjoy the beautiful day, this case is known as an ideal spot. The tourist and locals enjoy their cup of coffee, watching ducks in the pound. Well, the menu here is simple and traditional. You can order the espresso and enjoy your sightseeing or spend your time chit-chatting with locals around. 

Visit them: Praca da Estrela, Lisbon 1200-667 Portugal.

Hello, Kristof 

Hello, Kristof is inspired by Scandinavian brethren. Well, the owner’s name is Richardo, still, its called Hello Kristof. The minimalistic design with a cozy place completely focuses on serving a perfect cup of coffee.  Ricardo Galesio started the cafe in 2016, featuring a communal long table and small tables. The idea was to give an ideal space so people can talk or read. They source their coffee from top roasters in Europe. Also, he was serving kiss the hippo in London and La Cabra in Copenhagen for espresso drinks.

Visit them: Rua do Poço dos Negros 103, 1200-337 Lisboa, Portugal.


Owned by Alexandra Freitas and  Joao Pedro Erthal, the cafe is a must-visit to try their specialty coffee. They source their beans from  Olisipo Coffee roasters. Also, order their local products like bread from  Gleba and other markets. Including the dairy product which is used for making coffee and pastries.  The cafe serves excellent coffee and ever disappointing menu which is why Milkees is becoming a local favorite in Lisbon.

Visit them: Rua São Sebastião da Pedreira 51C, 1050-206 Lisboa, Portugal.

Cafe Dede’s

With a comfortable setting and friendly environment, Cafe Dede’s serves the specialty coffee along with global cushions. The owner Agne Costa and Rhi Pulford is a married couple running the cafe for locals. They choose seasonal ingredients and best picks. Here you can try out their berry pancakes, okonomiyaki, and specialty coffee. They source their coffee beans from Porto’s 7g Roasters.  They also serve dinner and brunch too.

Visit them:Rua de Sant’Ana à Lapa 33, 1200-796 Lisboa, Portugal.

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