best coffee brands in paris

Nice Coffee Shops In Paris

Paris is well known for its cafés and taste in espresso. However, recently, there are lots of options in specialty coffee capital as well. Also, Paris is now one of the most recommended options on the worldwide map. So if you are planning to try a few cafes, here are the most recommended options you might like to try when you are in Paris.

Ten Belles

One of the original and high-quality blend house roasters coffee shops that you will find in Paris. However, the space they have is a small square which allows them to run the takeaway business. If you are taking the strolls in the neighborhood, visit ten belles and enjoy the expected regulars as well as coffee fanatics.

Holy belly

Want to enjoy London fog? It’s an earl grey tea seeped which comes with milk. Also, you will find it only at the holy bell in Paris.  The holy belly is one of the best options if you want to taste wonderful brunches in town. The place is perfect for spending some quality time, sit, and enjoy the cheerful day here.

O Coffeeshop

O Coffeeshop is surf-inspired, also owned by Frenchie and an Aussie. The place is well designed with marbles table top, light blonde wood, and turquoise accents. If you are feeling too lazy to visit anywhere for specialty coffee, O coffeeshop has all favorites coffee covered like flat whites, noisettes, etc.  The space is perfect for spending your time along with a hot cup of coffee.


Lomi is designed with all high designs, wood tables, vintage chairs, etc. This is one of the primary coffee roasters in the city.  You can visit here as the environment of this café is extremely calm, which attracts most of the students and young professionals. Not just for enjoying your time, but if you enjoy the coffee, you will like this place. They have the training and tasting room on-site, so you will also get the chance to meet lots of coffee enthusiasm. They have a whole range of pulled espresso, café Fromage, double espresso, which you get served with blue cheese.

Le Peloton Café 

The place focuses on two things, which includes cycling and coffee. If you love both, you will find this minimalistic coffee extremely charming. However, they have limited stools and space for sitting, but you can take a stroll through the Marais. Here you can enjoy the flat whites, espresso, drip coffee, and other sweet treats. You can also try the waffles and croissants along with jam.

La Fontaine De Belleville

One of the Parisian coffee shops, it’s perfect to start for the morning, but the afternoon turns bustling. You can enjoy the coffee around the clock. Also, they have natural wines, artisanal juices, and craft beers. If you want to try Parisian food, they have covered it for you. The menu is filled with staples, green beans, ham and cheese baguette sandwiches, mixed cheese, deviled egg, and cured meat platters.

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