Nice Coffee Shops In Prague

If you are looking for some nice coffee shops in Prague to experience the coffee culture of the city, here are some ideal picks to go for. These coffee cafes are known for their rich taste coffee, experienced and friendly baristas and extraordinary ambiance at the place.

La Boheme Cafe

La Boheme Cafe is situated near the furniture shop in the Vinohrady district. This place is visually striking and extraordinary in design. You will get a very pleasant vibe at the place. On the ground floor, there is the cafe whereas above the floor features the barista lab of La Boheme’s roastery and offices. They serve all freshly roasted coffee at the house in a limited time. All the attention goes to the quality of the cup you will be served at the time.


Misto is a light, airy, spacious, bright and modern coffee shop in Prague. Somewhere you idealized moment of having extraordinary coffee time in Prague. This is the flagship cafe that offers you the most delighted hot cup of coffee in the town. They have great selections of filtered coffee made with the Aeropress method. Additionally, you can go for their hot chocolate too. their Aeropress and Banana bread combination isn’t something you want to miss. Misto can be a perfect go-to place for quick breakfasts and long-hour works.

Naplavka Farmers Market’s Brew bar

Brewbar at the Naplavka farmers market is surely one of the coolest coffee brands to enjoy in Prague. They run a stand at the place for the last 5 years and no matter what the weather is, you will find them there. Radek and Jiri run the stand where they offer the city’s best and finest filter including you in the process as well. You can witness, learn and enjoy the process of getting a great finest taste to your cup. They also won the Aeropress championship in 2015, just another feather in their cap. They offer very selective roasts and blends chosen from around the world.

EMA Espresso Bar

EMA Espresso Bar gives you the feels of your second home, especially for coffee-lovers. They source coffee from different hand-picked well-selected European roasters. You will always find the espresso-based drinks and filter coffee rotating in their place. The place also offers free WiFi and great office space allowing people to socialize over their professional or casual meetups. They have some particular menu selections for their light breakfast including salads, sandwiches, soups, and ice-creams.

One Sip Coffee

One Sip Coffee presents its great collection of coffee blends roasted by Round Hill Roastery based in the UK. The coffee spot is located in proximity to the Church of St. Castulus in Prague. They offer varieties of espresso drinks and batch brew filter coffee to their regular and tourist customers. The customer service at the place is remarkably impressive. Baristas at the work are always communicative to the customers even when they work.

Al Cafetero

Al Cafetero is the very first coffee place in Prague which offers you high-quality rich-taste coffee brewed through alternative methods. The place has a very unique homely ambiance, the interiors are made to feel it more like a living room than a traditional coffee cafe. They serve coffee brought from various primary local roasters with dedicating a lot of attention to the detail.

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