You might be looking for an extensive list of the topmost coffee brands in Melbourne irrespective of them being specialized as coffee roasters or best coffee places in Melbourne. Well, here is some hand-picked but long list of best coffee brands in Melbourne. They are amongst known and credible coffee roasters, coffee cafes, coffee bars and other coffee-loving places to visit.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Duke’s coffee roasters are one of the best specialty coffee brands in Melbourne. 10 years ago established coffee roasting brand has achieved a great reputation over time. Also, they’ve built a sustainable relationship between top coffee growers in Asia, Central America, and Africa.

Patricia Coffee Brewers

Patricia Coffee brewers are a very well known brand in the city. You won’t second guess that once you see the long line extending from their front.  The place features efficient staff, well known from brands such as Seven Seeds, Wood & Co, Bureaux Collective, Market Lane and more. With great coffee selections, they also offer delicious pastries along with it.

Brother Baba Budan

One of the landmark cafes in Melbourne, Brother Baba Budan is an impressive coffee hotspot you will found around little Bourke Street. Coffee lovers find it highly credible as them being the first endeavor from the coffee giant Mark Dundon. Named after great coffee legend, they feature exquisite espresso blends, single-origin coffee, and other milk-based coffees as well.

Industry Beans

Inspired by the ‘Third Wave of coffee roasters’ movement, Industry beans is founded by Melbournians Steve and Trevor Simmons in 2010 with a tiny garage setup. Their specialty coffee comes directly from their Fitzroy warehouse, further brought from the primary coffee-growing regions such as Africa, Central America, and Asia.

Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters

Seven Seeds deals with mostly season-based coffee roasting depending upon the crop that year. They are very specific and roast on specific days or periods of time. The range of espresso and filter coffee they have is something you wouldn’t find everywhere. Also, the coffee beans sourced from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Everyday Midtown

They have an all-natural light ambiance, a spacious and very polished place to hangout. Not just their coffee, but also the cookies ad banana bread is a must-try at Everyday Midtown. Their wide array of espresso variants are among their specialties that they offer.  They also offer online purchases of their flagship coffee blends such as All Day Espresso Blend, Ethiopia Gelena Abaya Espresso, Kenya Rianjagi Filter, and more.

Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee are primarily focussed to offer the single-origin coffee, roasted in small batches there itself. Everything is fresh, apparently there and selective. If you are a coffee nerd, this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Be more chatty with their barista or the staff and explore what specific taste you like or would like.

Atomica Coffee

Melbourne’s most popular coffee cafes also count Atomica Coffee for sure. They produce, roast and make their own coffee in the house. Atomica Coffee is a popular coffee boutique offering roasting, wholesaling and retail to a large number of customers around the world. Atomica coffee assures its quality and innovation putting the different ways of extraction in their priority.

Aucuba Coffee Roasters

If you wish to step away from the usual Melbourne cafe, Aucuba Coffee Roasters is your place. Their pineapple feature wall, natural lighting, warm ambiance and inviting fireplace will feel you at home. Then, enjoy their fresh brew batches, latte, and other delicious specialty coffee blends. Not just a great place for coffee lovers but also perfect for socialization and Instagramming.

Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee offers a fortnight subscription as well as coffee bean bags as well. You can also enjoy their exquisite cup of coffee at their in-house freshly roasted blends. You can trust Proud Mary for the best coffee in Melbourne. Not just that, the place also provides full of heart deliveries as breakfast, fresh juices, hearty lunches, and homemade delicious cakes as well.

Rumble Coffee Roasters

Rumble Coffee Roasters is based out of Kensington where they are not only just in the coffee business. They also are highly specialized in coffee manufacturing, making and management as well. They selectively pick the best coffee beans from the world’s most popular coffee growing hotspot regions. The variety with which you can cherish yourself here is impeccable. Also, you will love to have breakfast here.

Wide Open Road

Wide Open Road is the all-rounder coffee brand based in Brunswick. Their roastery brings out the best coffee blends in Melbourne. You will find their exquisite collection of selective coffee blends to enjoy at the spot.  You must try their signature Bathyspehere blend customized with the various milky drinks and other single-origin coffee drinks.


Axil is the coffee place that offers you a sustainably produced and manufactured coffee blend to meet the high-end quality in your cup. Their baristas are highly focussed to come up with new, latest or innovative coffee-making methods around the world to elevate your experience. They are one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne.

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