Top Coffee Brands In Prague

Just around four years ago, craft coffee connoisseurs in Prague were quite envious of their coffee peers in other European cities like Berlin, London or Oslo. That time, the specialty coffee scene hasn’t exploded in Prague, things were more narrow. They weren’t pushing the quality over the mass production of espresso drinks.

But over a very short time, Prague transcended to this coffee zone hosting dozens of new roasters, brands, and coffee shops leading the coffee scene in Europe. Prague coffee brands are sourcing, roasting, brewing, and exporting coffee in other European cities as well. If you are new in the town or maybe just coming for its coffee culture, here are the top-notch coffee brands in Prague you must stop by first.


OneSip coffee shop presents its great collection of coffee blends roasted by Round Hill Roastery based in the UK. The coffee spot is located in proximity to the Church of St. Castulus in Prague. They offer varieties of espresso drinks and batch brew filter coffee to their regular and tourist customers. The customer service at the place is remarkably impressive. Baristas at the work are always communicative to the customers even when they work.

EMA Espresso Bar

EMA Espresso is the topmost coffee spots in Prague since 2013. You will find it from the 10 minutes walking from the central train station. The place features not just highly professional and reputed but also communicative baristas that try to tap their customer’s preferences. They make the environment welcoming and creates interactions to educate the customers on their best offers.  You will definitely get the cosmopolitan vibe there but the minus is how it’s presented. EMA features JB Kaffee from Dachau, Germany, drip coffee, espresso, and a lot of coffee blends from the very popular coffee giants around the world.

Original Coffee

Original Coffee gives you this classic yet urban vibe at their place along with those cool artwork displays and polaroid plastered walls. You can just go and taste their flat white made from the coffee beans brought from Los Pinos in Nicaragua. You will also love the hazelnut and nougat flavors perfectly blend with the milk. For the last 3 years, Original Coffee is winning the hearts of coffee lovers at the place. They are located near to the Mustek Metro Stop and further close to Bethlehem Square. The popular coffee roastery brand Mamacoffee runs this roastery and cafe.

La Boheme

La Boheme is located in the earlier furniture shop at the Vinohrady district in Prague. You will find the place highly attractive, visually striking, and well-designed. Something that primarily feels highlighted is their ambiance complimenting their coffee experience. On the ground floor, you will find their cafe whereas, at the top, there are offices and barista lab of their La Boheme roastery. They roast their own coffee beans sourced from the best around the world. So you are promised freshly roasted coffee beans directly coming from their roastery lab passing the high-quality test.

Double B

You will find the Double B placed between Narodni Muzeum and Namesti Miru in Prague. The coffee brand is actually a Russian coffee house franchise where it is found to be in Russia and several other countries in Europe and the Middle East. Double B is the oldest and most popular coffee roastery brand supplying coffee to lots of flagship cafes. They also deal in wholesaling of the coffee out of Russia.

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