Best Coffee Houses In Minsk

The coffee scene in Minsk is obviously not something you would expect from places like Budapest or Vienna in terms of the size. However, their best cafes are bustling with the passionate coffee drinkers, local people, and tourists for sure. Even at a limited scale the coffee the culture in Minsk is quite concentrated and impactful.

Seadog & Freinds 

Seadog & Friends is a tiny coffeehouse running by an award-winning barista. Even though they started recently imagining Minsk without it is almost impossible. Here they roast their own coffee beans. Also, they have different techniques that they use for alternative brewing methods. They don’t just serve you coffee but you can explore and enjoy every sip you take.  Along with good coffee, you also get a range in small delicious deserts. The cafe is not too spacious, in fact, it’s very cozy and the surround is comfortable and welcoming. 

Visit them: ulica Zalataja Horka 1, Minsk, Belarus.


Zerno is considered as one the best alternatives in coffee brewing options. They started in 2012 And since then they served an amazing coffee every day. Also, its a must-visit cafe if you are traveling to Minsk. Besides the amazing cup of coffee, they also sell delicious pastries like berry pies, quiches, and cakes which are not too sweet, And don’t dare to skip their Irish coffee! (with alcohol). Zerno also does an exhibition of arts by the local’s artists as well as photographs. You can find different art and exhibits hanging on their walls. 

Visit them: prospiekt Niezaliežnasci 46, Minsk 220005, Belarus.

Why Knot 

Why Knot is a cozy coffeehouse located near the railway station. The cafe offers different techniques in brewing methods including the classic ones. They offer Victoria Ardunio black eagle coffee magic which is fancy. Along with that they have Chemex, Aeropress, and V60 too.  Well, the cafe has a minimalist approach to interior design with a light and fresh atmosphere. To have the best experience, go with a desert or croissant along with your favorite cup of coffee.  

Visit them: ulica Valadarskaya 21, Minsk, Belarus.

Surf Coffee 

Surf is different from any other coffee shop. The place is not for meetings or office works. Instead of that, the cafe focuses on lighting up the mood and make the joy the main part of the experience. The cafe offers a beach bar vibe with the decoration of surfboards all round. They have wooden interior matched with green terrace. You can order your coffee, lemonade or a milkshake from here. This place is perfect to take a break from your busy life. 

Visit them: ulica Kirava 19 2Н, Minsk 220030, Belarus.

Moby Dick Caffe

Moby dick Caffe follows the concept of a training gym. The place is decorated with stylish interior decor. The cafe checks its brewing technology in grams. Also, they have the lever coffee machine Astoria Gloria sourced from Italy.  they offer coffee takeaways but in summers you can sit and enjoy the music. Not just coffee, but they also have mate drinks, teas, and masala. 

Visit them: ulica Kastryčnickaja 16, Minsk, Belarus.

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