Best Coffee Shops In Wellington

Finding the best coffee shops in Wellington may not be so difficult, considering the growing coffee culture in the town. However, you might get overwhelmed with the options around you. With lot of recommendations and reviews, you still need trustworthy suggestions on where to stop by in Wellington to experience the greatest coffee of your life. Well, you got it! The following are the best suggestions for the coffee shops in Wellington which you must visit.

Coffee Supreme Hopper Street 

Coffee Supreme is a popular coffee brand that offers you quality, coffee interior designs, and great city vibes.  They are various flagship cafes and avenues where you can enjoy their coffee. Coffee supreme is also available online to buy coffee from all around the world. Coffee Supreme Hopper street is a tiny and cozy espresso bar situated in the front of their coffee roasting and distribution hub.

Find them here: 31 Waring Taylor Street.

Acme & Co

This renowned coffee company deals in all different aspects of the coffee industry ranging from coffee roasting to distribution. Acme & Co also bakes bread, designs coffee furniture and distributes colorful branded cups around the world as well. Their coffee beans are mostly from Brazil and Ethiopia serving black and white with their most popular ‘bottomless’ filter. Don’t forget to enjoy their all-day menu with seasonal plates, daily fish and a variety of sweet savories as well.

Find them here:  14 Jessie Street, Te Aro.

The Flight Coffee 

Always known as a vibrant, colorful and curious coffee company, you know it the moment you enter there. It was founded by Richard Corney, Nick Clark and Matt Graylee bringing their vast knowledge and experience in coffee roasting, brewing, and sourcing to the very brand they built.

Find them here: 30 Garrett Street, Wellington

Gentlemen’s Bean

At Gentlemen’s Bean, they like to keep everything simple starting from their roasting process. They roast just one blend brewed by the means of espresso. This coffee company promises a consistent flavor every time, in every batch to their all coffee cups. They do small batches of roasting using the coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. They offer quite rich, exquisite, powerful and layered coffee to their people.

Find them here: Courtenay Kiosk, Carner Courtenay Place, Taranaki Street, Wellington.

Rich Coffee roasters

These guys are highly committed to present you with the best coffee found around the world. Rich Coffee roasters are primarily dedicated to single estate coffees and seasonal blend with emphasized flavors. They are comparatively new to other established brands in Wellington. However, it doesn’t make their coffee roasting experience and quality any less. They are highly focused on the wholesaling of their coffee to some handpicked suppliers. They are backing up a lot of cafe’s offering premium taste coffee with an extent of trademarked uniqueness.

Find them here: 369 Adelaide Road, Newtown, Wellington.

Emporio Coffee

Relatively new but highly promising in the Wellington coffee scene amongst others. They are one of the original coffee roasters in Wellington as well and that’s what they put out proudly. For the last 20 years, they have been creating great coffee at their roastery bar and cafe located at Abel Smith Street. They supply coffee to lot of well-known cafes and other institutions in New Zealand.

Find them here: 90 Abel Smith Street, Wellington

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