Top Coffee Shops In Christchurch

If you are traveling to New Zealand, being an avid coffee drinker, the place won’t’ disappoint you. In fact, it can surprise you with their specialty coffee cafes, numerous coffee roasters, experienced and award-winning baristas, and their coffee culture in general. And if you are thinking where to even begin, Christchurch is an ideal coffee hotspot city in New Zealand. Here are some of the best coffee brands you should go for first.

Underground Coffee Roasters

Their coffee is versatile and different things at one time. You will find it bold, delicate, punchy, and tender, all different blends of coffees. They perform the method called ‘hot air roasting’ for their green coffee beans sourced from reputed growers around the world. They supply and wholesale the quality natural coffee to various cafes or in the wholesale coffee market.

Visit them:  190, Durham Street Southern.


Jailbreaker Coffee company focuses to serve others in the coffee industry as they redistribute 70% of the profit locally and internationally as well. Their house blend ‘ jail breaker’ is also behind the fine collection of coffee beans you find at the Addington Coffee C0-op. They also redistribute their profits to the very coffee growers from their purchase. Most of their Organic and Fair trade coffee beans are from Trade Aid creating their practices more transparent and quality control.

Visit them: 297 Lincoln Road

C4 Coffee Co. 

New Zealand’s quiet achievers, the C4 Coffee company are sourcing and supplying specialty coffee over 20 years. They are found to be operating out in a very spacious warehouse located in Central Christchurch. They do all, whether it is sourcing, brewing, roasting, supplying, shipping, and even serving just under one umbrella brand. One of the most popular blends “Krank” is something you must try.

Visit them: 278 Tuam Street, Christchurch.

Coffee Embassy

The cafe part of the Coffee Embassy is just an old mechanic’s workshop which is turned into a very cozy, comfortable and cool espresso bar. Andy Norman and David Pai are the two friends behind this Coffee Embassy brand. They have started to source the freshest coffee beans for their cafes and other wholesale clients. The owners have prioritized the freshness of coffee beans in their delivery and that’s the best about them. Both founders source coffee according to the harvest calendar.

Visit them: 107 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central

Lyttelton Coffee Company 

Lyttelton Coffee Company is found in the port town of Christchurch where they are the roastery as well as the coffee shop. The brand believes in a strong sense of sustainability and community. They offer five different types of coffee into a blend ideally suited to white coffee. Among them, there is another selection of black espresso from single origins and other three-bean blends as well.

Visit them: 29 London Street, Lyttelton

Switch Espresso

The origin of the Switch Espresso starts from a one-man operation based in New Brighton. Apparently, it cocooned out as one of the most iconic coffee brands in Christchurch. They have a holistic approach to their coffee blends as well as their hospitality. They have been sourcing coffee beans from Trade aid and organic co-operatives across the world. They roast various types of single-origin coffee creating into a wide range of great blends for wholesaling and home brewing as well.

Visit them: 4/25 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

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