Best Coffee Companies in Poland

Poland, officially also known as the Republic of Poland. The country is famous for its potatoes and pirogi, but for coffee lovers, this place has lots of options to explore. Even though, Poland has lots of catch up to do with western countries due to their late exposure to coffee. However, the country is the largest consumer of coffee in western Europe and the sixth-largest in Europe. The market is traditional but developing fast, what allowed numbers of coffee companies to establish here. To explore, here are a few recommendations to start with.

Good Coffee Micro Roasters

Good Coffee micro-roasters stores the highest quality and freshly roasted arabica specialty beans to order. They have different brewing methods, and the coffee is supplied from trusted suppliers around the world. They belong to Specialty coffee associations. Here you can buy Kenya Thimu, Colombia El Rubi, Bookkisa Ethiopia, etc like authentic coffee sourced directly from farms.

Visit them: Świderska 109, 03-128 Warszawa, Poland.

Karma Café

Karma café has one of the most skilled baristas with a friendly and welcoming attitude. The Karma café not only roasts their coffee beans in the shop but also serves delicious snacks as well. If you are feeling hungry, you can visit here and try the hand-roasted coffees paired with mouth-watering snacks at this café.

Visit them: Krupnicza 12, 31-123 Kraków, Poland.

Uno Espresso a.i.

Uno Espresso a.i. is a café along with coffee distributors for more than 10 years. The café is delivering coffee across the country. It includes Dibar, Izzo, and Verganao coffee. Uno espresso does not just serve specialty brews, but they are also pairing it with different snacks.

Visit them :Prusa 4/2, 60-819 Poznań, Poland.


The third wave coffee house, Flirty serves some of the most amazing roasted beans in Warsaw. The café is small and gives a cozy vibe. Also, you will find all sorts of coffee items on their menu card. The café also serves brownie cake with sea salt which you should taste. You can also try it with rich and creamy coffee.

Visit them: Juliana Ursyna Niemcewicza 3, 00-001 Warsaw Poland.

Cheder café

Cheder café is a calm and soothing place where you would like to spend some relaxation time. Cheder café is drawn on the Jewish heritage which belongs to the Kazimierz district. Also, they offer the Israeli coffee and different kosher snacks. The café is recommended if you never tried the Israeli coffee before. They serve the best cup of coffee in Poland

Visit them: Jozefa 36, Krakow 31-056 Poland.

Trzecia Kawa

This coffee shop has the best team of baristas who are well skilled and interested in their work. Also, the roasters here changes every time, you can try the smooth javas from Costa Rica to Ethiopian views. They have options for every taste. The café also makes home baked cakes that go perfectly with the coffee they serve.

Visit them: Polna 1, 60-535 Poznań, Poland.


The funky coffee shop situated near the neighborhood of Garnizon, Skladak is famous for its specialty coffee with specialty bicycles. The café uses the polish coffee beans and keep switching up to try something new. They have a sleek and stylish decor where you can sit and enjoy the coffee. The café host the guest roasters as well with public cupping seasons.

Visit them: Karola Szymanowskiego 18, Gdansk 80-280 Poland.

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