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Whether you are recently introduced to this coffee world, trying and tasting the best out there or want to just explore top coffee brands, here is the list to you help you. There are a lot of coffee roasters from different parts of the world leading the market. Here are some hand-picked coffee roaster brands around the world which you must try.

The Barn

The Barn Coffee Roasters is one of the most credible and leading specialty coffee roasters based in Germany but surely known around the world. The brand is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, blending and serving the highest quality coffee around the world. They have single-origin coffee which can be experienced in their distinct terroir. They were even awarded for the Best Speciality Coffee Roaster Europe and the Middle East in 2019. Apart from the rich specialty coffee beans, they also have specialty instant coffee and other coffee equipment as well.

Death Wish

Death Wish is known to be the strongest coffee in the world where the organic beans are grown up to USDA certified organic standards. With Death Wish, you are getting dark roast robusta beans with smooth Arabica as a perfect strong blend. This coffee is surely high in caffeine but comes with the low-acidity brew. To smooth the brew, you need to cream or extra sugar. Good thing is, Death Wish coffee is not bitter as compared to other ultra-strong coffee brews you know. It depends upon your preference and choice of the brew you like. Death Coffee Company is the topmost online seller of organic, fair-trade, perfect blend coffee.

Koffee Kult 

Koffee Kult is very much known for its 100% arabica coffee beans, certainly the strongest caffeine you can awake yourself with. They are the perfect brand to go with if you are a huge dark roast fan. Koffee Kult offers one of the best dark roast coffee beans in the world. They are family-owned and operate coffee roasters driven by their passion to create a perfect dark roast strong and yet smooth without any bitterness.

Valhalla Java Ground Coffee

Coffee Supreme 

The most popular coffee brand Based in Wellington, New Zealand since 1993 also accounted for one of the best coffee brands in the world. Coffee Supreme has won numerous awards for the store design, coffee presentation, and bag designs. They have been decades ahead as compared to other roasters in the world. They are sourcing and selling specialty coffee for a long time globally. They go with the ever-rotating collection of exquisite coffee blends, different single origins and some limited roasted season-specific exclusives as well. They are kind of the first in the league to present themselves as full-fledged all-rounder coffee gear store.

Soldberg & Hansen

Soldberg and Hansen have founded 140 years ago, yes that old! It is the first roasting company of Norway known for the best of all. Simon Christidi was heading the roasting team at Soldberg  & Hansen who has been one of the five ever winners of the World Coffee Roasting Championship in 2012.  He is a proud holder of various coffee titles such as Slew of Norwegian and Nordic Coffee. They are dedicated to producing the purest coffee of all time and showing off the power of coffee in its originality without any milk or sweeteners in their cafes.

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