European coffee culture is very well established with the idea of flavor coffees. They always take it further on trying and blending new coffee flavours. If you are someone fan of various flavoured coffees with loads of sweets and additional elements to it, Europe is the place for you. Their various coffee shops are a great point for coffee beverages for all kind of coffee lovers. There are some flavoured coffee in Europe you should try first, here are these to start with.

The Turk kahvesi

You get the taste like espresso, but it’s somewhat stronger in flavor. Also, it’s thick and one of the most famous in turkey. Well, some people add spices instead of the sugar in the coffee. The beverage comes unfiltered where and also to add a unique taste. You will find the coffee beans floating freely.  If you don’t want the floating beans, then wait until it gets to settle down.

The Caife Gaelach

One of the famous Irish coffee beverages, made by Joe Sheridan in 1943.  The caife gaelach is for the passengers and to keep them warm at that time. To make the original coffee, some main ingredient is used such as brown sugar, coffee, and whiskey along with thick cream on its top.

However, there are lots of changes that have been made since then. But there are two features counted as main i.e., whipped cream is not used, and stirring is not allowed.

The Cortado

One of the kinds of espresso coffee in beans and Spanish well-known beverage. Cortado has the right amount of coffee and espresso that are mixed together to get a mild beverage. However, nowadays, there is a thin layer of foam that barista adds. You will miss this if you are going for a traditional cortado.

There are different types that you might find, such as cortado condensed and cortado. For that, milk is used in a large amount, which gives feel like a macchiato.

The Espresso

One of the most popular and known as Italian coffee, also the base ingredient for beverages like a latte, macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, etc. The espresso is also counted as one of the most famous beverages around the world.

It has the blend to uplift the bold flavor, this is bittersweet brew and has froth on the top. However, the taste might be different from the different side of the world prefer different roasting beans.


Germany is known for being the biggest importer of best coffee in the world. Also, it’s the most used beverage. However, the Germans prefer milder flavors.

Due to that, the flavors here are not too bold or flavored, comparing to the French coffee, this one is milder as the beans are not burned while doing the roasting


Kahvi is the traditional Finnish coffee which uses the lightly roasted coffee beans. Because of that, it has a slightly acidic flavor. But there are different options that you can find in this coffee.

People from Finland prefer to drink black coffee, to add any kind of flavor. They prefer milk instead of cream. It’s one of the most popular coffees in Europe.

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