Nice Coffee Shops In Bucharest

Bucharest is home to the specialty coffee drinkers coming along all around the world. If you are all new to the coffee scene in Bucharest, you might be looking for the place to start. Bucharest features a long line of in-home brewing specialty coffee roasters in every few miles of distance. Here are a few suggestions for the coffee shops in Bucharest you stop by.

The Urbanist

If you are looking for a coffee place with good vibes and positive energy, ‘The Urbanist’ is the coffee shop in Bucharest, Romania you must visit. The place is such a cool mix of the cafe, denim and sneaker shops. It is comfortable and gives you the feel of a very warm welcome, found in very few cafes in the city. Once the sun sets, the whole vibe of the place changes to electric with DJ performances and grouping. It is an ideal and the city’s favorite pre-party place to hang out.

Visit them: Strada Căldărari 3.


You will find M60 taking a very light approach towards the specialty coffee. If you are all new to the scene and feel not much comfortable in grand specialty coffee cafe environments, this is the place to begin. They believe that everyone starts from somewhere. No judgments or pressure will be exerted to you from their baristas. You can freely ask for sugar or more milk in your black gold coffee. They bring coffee at M60 from Guido where they make coffee on La Marzocco Linea Classic espresso machine along with Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinder.

Visit them: Strada D. I. Mendeleev 2.


Whether you are interested in coffee education or the creating community over coffee enthusiasts, T-Zero is the place to go. It is home to the expanding specialty coffee scene in Bucharest. T-Zero has been connected to the various coffee places located at the spot. They believe in creating a community amongst the coffee drinkers in Bucharest.

Visit them: Strada Dianei 1.

Two Minutes

The concept of this great tasting espresso coffee bar is based on the term ” Two Minutes” where the founders Ionut Bindilla and Andrei Ropcian believed that to prepare the best espresso, two minutes is a perfect time. The first cafe from Two Minutes was opened in May 2016 in the North of Bucharest in the Floreasca district.

Visit them: Strada Joseph Lister 1.


Origo is one of the best coffee places in Bucharest, Romania, especially for specialty coffee lovers. It was opened in 2013 as the first specialty coffee shop in the coffee scene. Since then, it has come to a long way inspiring a lot of other newcomers and aspiring coffee brewers. Origo roasts their own coffee beans with a Loring Smart Roaster. They are also proud to offer some of the best single-origin espresso blends. You can enjoy the coffee at their open terrace. Not to mention, from the evening, this coffee house turns into a cocktail bar as well.

Visit them: Strada Lipscani 9.

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