Top Coffee Shops to Visit In Auckland

New Zealand is a hotspot for coffee-centric travelers and enthusiasts. And, Auckland is just the right place, to begin with. But then, you will see popping up the tons of coffee brands or places in the city. If you are visiting the city for less time, you might want to catch up with the best of the best. So, here are the top coffee brands in Auckland which you must visit the first.

Atomic Coffee

Atomic Coffee highly focusses on their bean to brew policy with a belief that the key to making excellent coffee starts from selecting the best beans. They have great relationships with farmer co-ops and make sure to be part of a positive trade agreement. Atomic coffee is very serious about the consistency of quality in their coffee blends. Their coffee beans are sourced from South America and Africa, further hand-roasted in Kingsland coffee shop. They optimize the aging process to increase the flavor of the coffee beans.

Visit them: 420C New North Road, Auckland.

Red Rabbit

Steve Barrett has been always standing out in the competitive coffee industry. He has this policy “never say no to customers” which uniquely puts the Red Rabbit one of the most popular and dedicated coffee brands in New Zealand. Interestingly, whenever a customer asks for something which is not included in their coffee menu, they go out of their way to make sure customers had the best experience ever. They are dedicated to making the customers experience at their cafe unforgettable and as pleasing as possible. You can witness their roasting process at their headquarters at Faraday Street.

Visit them: Shed 3, 7-10 Faraday Street, Auckland.


A committed and devoted coffee brand in New Zealand is none other than AllPress. They are known for their glowing international reputation in the New Zealand coffee scene.  Allpress coffee has been expanded to London, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Still, their coffee roasting process remains local at the Ponsonby, Auckland to offer maximum freshness. They stay to their uttermost quality of which they are known. You can find an espresso bar attached to all of their coffee roasteries.

Visit them: 266 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland.


Chuffed is a busy cafe, packed with awesome food give great competition to their coffee. This is also a coffee cafe only sacred for the true coffee enthusiasts as it doesn’t much come up in usual coffee place hunting. Well, their loss! you know. Chuffed features highly experienced and trained baristas totally dedicated to making your coffee the best. You will love their flat whites but their cold brews might steal your, heart.

Visit them: 43 High Street, Auckland CBD.

ARK Coffee Company

If you believe in getting coffee from an exclusive coffee spot, you would also know how it makes the coffee experience more interesting, secretive and something unique. A tiny alley near to the Department store, ARK coffee company roast and brew one of the best coffee in Auckland. Interestingly, you can’t expect anything from outside but once you get it, it explodes a striking and sleek coffee emporium of a connoisseur.  This is certainly the hidden gem of Auckland which you might not notice at first. You will find the place is filled with some great coffee brewing apparatuses. Their baristas whip up the creamiest and smoothest flat white that you have ever seen. They are quite welcoming to the customers and always ready to answer any question you have. They even are ready to give you a walk to show the differences between different coffee-making methods.

Visit them: 6/461-467 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

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