Best Coffee Shops In Melbourne

Are you craving for a delicious cup of coffee? May want a bite along? Or even need to hang out for a while in Melbourne to give your travel quest a rest. Well, all you need is a nice coffee shop in Melbourne. Before you go further, scroll through the reviews and search on Google, this is the first and last place you got to find the best coffee shops in Melbourne.


The Journeyman is the most fun place to hang out in Melbourne, especially for their great deliveries of specialty coffee and delicious dishes. You can’t pass them if you are anywhere around Chapel Street. They have been known as an innovator and leader in the coffee and food industry. Journeyman offers some selective set of the menu with their mouth-watering dishes which must not be ignored as well. Their best servers in coffee are dukes espresso blend, featured single-origin espresso and batch brewed filter.

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Dukes Coffee

You will love a cup of espresso here, at the Dukes. The small yet one of the coolest coffee spots in Melbourne. They are certainly the busiest coffee shops in the city, yet you find great peace and comfort at the place. Dukes coffee offers its specialty coffee, espresso blends, and lot varieties in their primary menu. They promise to plant a tree with every adding coffee subscription. So, that something tells about the brand.

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Aucuba Coffee Roasters

If you wish to step away from the usual Melbourne cafe, Aucuba Coffee Roasters is your place. Their pineapple feature wall, natural lighting, warm ambiance and inviting fireplace will feel you at home. Then, enjoy their fresh brew batches, latte, and other delicious specialty coffee blends. Not just a great place for coffee lovers but also perfect for socialization and Instagramming.

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Everyday Midtown

Indeed a trending hotspot for picking up the best coffee in Melbourne. They have an all-natural light ambiance, a spacious and very polished place to hangout. Not just their coffee, but also the cookies ad banana bread is a must-try at Everyday Midtown. Their wide array of espresso variants are among their specialties that they offer.  They also offer online purchases of their flagship coffee blends such as All Day Espresso Blend, Ethiopia Gelena Abaya Espresso, Kenya Rianjagi Filter, and more.

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Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee is a great place to enjoy the in-house brew where you will be mesmerized by the aromatic coffee ambiance. Their freshly made coffee from handpicked specialty coffee beans is enriching to experience at the spot. Their best bet is the espresso varieties they serve fresh at the cafe. They believe in the nuanced cup with various variables but with the significance of balanced pour. That’s the best they do which you shouldn’t miss.

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Dukes Coffee Roasters

The well-known Australian specialty coffee roasting brand, Dukes is one of the best coffee places you should visit. They have established around 10 years ago and since then, they have achieved a great reputation amongst coffee lovers around the world. They sustain their relationship between the topmost coffee growers in Africa, Central America, and Asia. They also have an online coffee shop featuring their best blends, single-origin espresso, decaf, and filter.

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