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Best Coffee Roasters In France

Coffee culture has been always an integral part of France and now it’s become a world-famous hub for boutique coffee shops and roasteries. If you are looking for fine quality coffee beans, here are some roasteries you might want to check.

Moody Coffee Roasters

They are keen to sell and serve the freshest specialty coffee you find in Chamonix Valley. They roast small batches of fresh coffee beans sourced from across the world every week on their Probat roaster. Moody Coffee Roasters offers various single origin coffees and seasonal espresso blends along with different flavors that need to be explored. Freshness is the factor that they really prioritize with every coffee bean or cup of coffee.

Visit them: 195 Avenue de l’Aiguille du Midi, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.


Deep are a well-known micro-roaster and cafe based in the old port of Marseille. They explore various types of coffee across the world. The coffee roasting brand adapted a unique, detailed, and meticulous approach towards the roasting of the coffee. They are focused on highlighting the specific notes of each and every coffee. Deep believe that every coffee, every soil has its own uniqueness and diversity at the same time. They also selling different merchandise items for coffee passion.

Visit them: 15 Rue Glandeves, 13001 Marseille.

Grains De Folie 

Grains De Folie is certainly the magical place for coffee addicts to experience oriental scents with coffee. They offer fresh-roasted coffee on the site when you visit them. They have a Grains de Folie store to buy their handpicked roasted coffee beans they collected across the world. They source coffee from different coffee-producing significant parts of the world like South America, Africa, Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Brazil, and others.

Visit them:  127 Rue Nationale, 46000 Cahors.

Belleville Brûlerie

They are known to be the ‘mother of all roasters’ as they are supplying to the most popular coffee shops in France. It mostly opens up for the people on Saturdays where coffee enthusiasts celebrate the coffee tastings and cupping sessions. You can also go for coffee samples in the place. Their staff are always welcoming and have great enthusiasm for coffee lovers.

Visit them: 14 Rue Lally-Tollendal, Paris, lle-de-France.

Cafe Verlet 

They have been proudly roasting the rich and fresh coffee beans since the 1880s. Cafe Verlet comes with neither the usual minimalistic coffee house approach nor with the form brasserie-style you find in Paris. You will find the place creating a very warm and intimate coffee-loving ambiance. You can not just leave the place without buying some coffee beans from there.

Visit them: 256 Rue Saint-Honore, Paris, lle-de-France.

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